Hello, my name is Ceren, designer and the founder of Babytoly.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Bilkent University - Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in 2010. Upon completing my degree, I worked as an interior architect and design specialist for 2 years, which allowed me to have a precise goal about myself that I need to pursue a master's education. Regarding the distinctive education and worldwide reputation, I was convinced that Rhode Island School of Design - Adaptive Reuse program would be the best place for my graduate studies. Afterwards, I graduated with a ‘Master of Design’ degree from
 Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the United States, in 2014.

Within the scope of my 2.5 years graduate school education whose core subjects Adaptive Reuse and Sustainability, the important topics we focused are sustainable design, "a better world by design", humanitarian design, user-defined design, sustainability, rehabilitation, adaptive reuse and renovation that all are centered around the human and environment and environment-friendly issues.

Relevant to this matter, as a responsible individual and designer, I started exploring my surroundings, the society and the sociological factors during my graduate years and thereafter. Inevitably, it is too sad that how devastatingly we are consuming the Earth that we borrow from the next generations; and this situation sadly is threatening the nature and living creatures. Indeed, all of us unfortunately are getting involved in this system and this is gradually getting into more severe matter.

How sustainable is the production made or the product that we buy, or how much energy are they consuming or how much energy saving? To what extent are they environment-friendly? Even more importantly, are they human-friendly? While questioning these, I couldn’t remain unresponsive more to watch the endless productions and tons of goods of companies to maximize the output of their factories via cheap workforce and cheap raw materials. Moreover, it is frustrating that these endless productions and product circulations are severely causing serious dangerous chemical emissions and too much fuel consumption.

Because the world’s condition now forces us to consider how environmentally-friendly and healthy is a good, in fact ‘the story of a good” rather than the final physical condition. I firmly believe that, we would achieve a better life through “sustainable - eco-friendly” production methods.

Having a strong social entrepreneurship spirit and environmental awareness in mind, I created this start up business to contribute to the Sustainability chain. Then, I determined to take an active role in creating awareness in the Sustainable Textiles sector by offering timeless, healthy, eco-friendly, functional and practical baby products. In terms of the social aspect, this is a social responsibility project that helps contribute to Anatolian women to take part in household income and community.

There is no doubt that our commitment towards the Fair Trade guidelines and sustainable, eco-friendly production methods have notably boosted ever after.

Here is how babytoly story was emerged.

We can build a better world and future together.


Ceren -


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