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Make the connection.

Women in our country and especially in the underdeveloped Eastern Anatolia region of our country are faced with various social problems such as unemployment and a lack of economic freedom, social pressure, family pressure and violence sadly. Unfortunately, because of these various sociological and social difficulties, the place of women in society is very weak and decreasing as well. Therefore, in addition to these difficulties, the difficulties of gender inequality are added to this, making the problem even more chronic.

It’s very important to bring women together.

Babytoly work environment is our dream that is a kind of solidarity environment for women to connect with other women. 

We value The Women’s Role in society and The Women in Business. Our mission is to raise awareness and do a business solution about the important role of women in society and the family, gender-based inequality of opportunity in society and the difficulties women face in life.

We are a big family that we invite skilled females who are exposed to this inequality of opportunity every year to get employed, to convey their hand craft skills to us and to inspire our work environment and to join our hand making projects.

How can business be a force for change?

Women bring another whole way of looking at things, different skills, energy and creativity to the table. Business has traditionally been done in a goal-oriented, profit-oriented way—and not in a holistic way. That’s why there’s been so much damage to the environment and to people. Business needs to be responsible for all of the people who are involved as well as the planet.

We know that women think more in the long run and take a more comprehensive view of actions in terms of business planning—how they affect the society, environment, natural life, individuals, families and natural resources. And women care more. Women are intuitive and collaborative in a way that supports this kind of innovation.

It's time for making a change and women are bringing that change.


"Each of us can make a difference,
Together we make a change."   Barbara Mikulski   


Roots in My Hometown

I have always wanted to create this kind of place in my hometown in Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, where is less developed area of Turkey with very less social services. This would be a place for women to connect with each other, to support and reintegrate them into society and to be a part of this collaborative action and to make them feel confident. This was the fundamental encouragement. There is no more valuable and meaningful happiness than reaching women who are happy and self-confident for what they do and happy to make money for the first time in their lives.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”   African Proverb 

LET’S CONNECT to achive better. . .


embracing values
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women empowerment

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